How our program works


Cornerstone Imaging does the work for you. Our simple process insures a pleasant experience for your church staff. No hassle guaranteed!


  • All you do is choose your dates of photography
  • Make announcements to the congregation
  • Send your roster and photos for activity pages
  • No volunteers needed!
  • That’s it! Cornerstone Imaging does the rest!

It’s FAST!

Why wait months for your directory? Our speedy delivery on portraits and directories will meet and exceed your expectations. Why settle for a directory that is outdated upon arrival?


Free to Your Church and Members:

  • Church Directory large size 8 1/2 x 11 book
  • 8 x 10 professional portrait
  • Online Directory
  • Appointment setting
  • Reminder calls
  • Layout of directory pages
  • Directory pages including, pastor, history,
    activity, staff, and submittal pages
  • Overprint of directories
  • Outreach brochures
  • Generous bonuses

It’s FREE Our services are provided to the
church and the congregation at NO COST

All You Do:

·        Choose dates for the photography session.

·        Promote- Put up posters and make announcements to the staff and congregation.

·        Send us a roster and your activity photos.


We Will:

·        Cornerstone Imaging will telephone your families to schedule appointments for photography.

·        Make personal reminder calls to each family scheduled.

·        Take care of all hostessing.

·        Organize the layout of your new directory.

With this program, your ONLY task is deciding what to wear on your day of photography!

Helpful Information about your Church Directory

  1. How much does it cost for each family to be photographed?
    A. There is no charge to any family to be photographed plus each family will receive a free church directory and an 8×10  full-color portrait just for participating.
  2. QWill the church incur any cost from Cornerstone Imaging for the creation of our church directory?
    There is absolutely no cost for creating a Cornerstone Imaging church directory.
  3. QWill someone help us throughout the directory process?
    A Cornerstone Imaging Marketing Representative will provide personal service from start to finish.
  4. QWhat will our church families receive for participating in their portrait session with Cornerstone Imaging?
    Each family that is photographed will receive a free full-color portrait and a free pictorial church directory, just for taking the time to participate in this exciting church directory session. If your church chooses to participate in our free online church directory program, then each family will have access to your directory online.
  5. QHow will our members be scheduled for their individual photography appointments?
    A. We accomplish your sign-ups in two ways: First, appointment sheets will be available at your church for a couple of weeks prior to photography; Secondly, Cornerstone Imaging will phone every member on the roster list (a minimum of 4 times at different hours of the day) to try to contact every member. In addition, your members may call Cornerstone Imaging to set an appointment time.
  6. QIs there an opportunity for the families to purchase additional portraits? 
    A. Absolutely…every family will have the time to view all their poses taken by our photographers and then to preview the images on a computer screen. Orders may be placed at that time. If you choose to purchase additional portraits we accept cash, checks and major credit cards.
  7. QAre there a minimum number of church families needed to do a Cornerstone Imaging church directory?
    A. Yes…We would like to have the opportunity to photograph 50 families. However, there are always exceptions so please contact our Cornerstone Imaging Marketing department at (423) 559-5260
  8. QDoes Cornerstone Imaging do any other types of photography or are church directories your only product.
  9. A. No. Church directories are our specialty… Our ONLY Specialty