Cornerstone Imaging has the most experienced photographers in the industry. Our professional, highly trained photographers average 10 plus years experience photographing church families. This means you can expect portraits of superior quality.

Our enthusiastic photographers work hard to put the families at ease and capture the perfect expressions to create a keepsake portrait to be treasured forever.

Complimentary Portrait & Church Directory

Each family receives a FREE portrait sitting for participating in the church directory program.  In addition, they receive at NO COST, an 8 x 10 portrait and a church directory.

Complimentary Appointment Scheduling

Our in-house scheduling department will telephone your member families to set an appointment for photography and make a reminder call before the session.

On the day of photography families will view the images taken by our photographers, select their favorite pose for the church directory and place orders for their personal portrait needs. 

Low Pricing on Portraits

Cornerstone Imaging portrait collections are a true value, your members have an opportunity to take advantage of our low prices for items including portrait gifts and greeting cards.

We pledge to do whatever we can to guarantee
100% customer satisfaction!

The Photography Session – Preparation

  1. How much does it cost for each family to be photographed?
    A. There is no charge to any family to be photographed plus each family will receive a free church directory and a full-color portrait just for participating.
  2. When will Cornerstone Imaging photography team be at our church?
    . On the initial set-up day, the team will arrive approximately 1½ to 2 hours before the first scheduled
    family. On consecutive days, the team will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the first family appointment.
  3. When and how do our members select and pay for any additional portraits they choose to purchase?
    A. Families will select their poses and will be given information on different finishes and sizes that we have available. All portraits and accessories (frames, etc.) may be purchased using a personal check, cash, Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover Cards. All these payments will be made at the time of photography with our customer satisfaction guarantee.
  4. What if a family member or even an entire family will not be available to be photographed on that day?
    A. There usually are multiple dates to choose from, but if a family member or entire family cannot be available, they may submit a picture and it will be included in our Submittal Page in the directory. There is no charge to the family for this service.
  5. If a husband or wife is not a church member and prefers not to be in the directory, may they be photographed with their spouse and family during the portrait session?
    A.Absolutely…The family can advise the portrait consultant if they would like additional poses just for the directory and a second or third grouping for their personal needs.
  6. Will Cornerstone Imaging do “Generation Poses” or extended family poses?
    A.Yes, we will. However, we recommend that you mention this when making your appointment so as to
    allow extra time with family.
  7. Can my family use the same photography pose they had in the last church directory?
    A. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Only the current portrait session photos are available to be used in
    the new church directory.